Luxury fashion reflecting your unique personal style.


Carmina de Young designs are a combination of the classic and the modern, a mosaic of two merging cultures. Her Latino background adds a unique flare to her designs and her Canadian culture brings an urban, contemporary appeal to her designs. Carmina De Young collections are versatile, comfortable and functional, appealing to the modern woman of today.


Carmina De Young’s mission and vision is to bring stylish Canadian designed & Canadian made fashions to the marketplace. At the same time, offering Fashionistas, Image Consultants and Design Consultants a business opportunity that enables them to provide their clientele with an exclusive collection, not found at retail, designed for looking fabulous everyday and everywhere.


Carmina de Young knows that despite the plethora of fashion choices available to women today, creating a cohesive fashion statement is time consuming and challenging for women on the go. That is why Carmina De Young has chosen to distribute the mix and match collection through Design Consultants. With fashion know-how and the Carmina De Young Collection, Canadian women can maximize their wardrobe dollars and realize their own personal style.