We are proud to be 100% Canadian owned & manufactured.

Since 2015, we commit to contributing to our local economy while adopting sustainable

eco-friendly practices.  Our customers want to know their garment purchases promote

sustainability and community, without sacrificing quality or comfort.

We focus as much on people and planet as we do profit – ensuring that our business decisions

are thoughtful about the impact we are having on our community and on our earth.


Carmina de Young collections are the balance between modern culture and bold, contemporary style.

Each piece is designed to empower women to feel stylish and comfortable while having a taste of colour

and flare which are predominant in every aspect of Carmina’s Mexican heritage.

We primarily use environmentally sustainable fabrics that are luxuriously soft.

Our mission is to continue to grow as a sustainable business that will make a positive impact

within the local community and beyond.

Proudly manufactured in London, Ontario.


Carmina leads with her heart.

If you’ve met Carmina then you already know this to be true, her strong core values and desire to give back

to her community was instilled in her by her mother, Maria.


Carmina’s father worked as a welder in Mexico City, 2 hours away from the family home in Puebla, Mexico.

Maria raised the family and made things that she could sell such as breads, foods and clothing.  Her father

brought the goods into Mexico City to fulfill orders.  Maria taught Carmina how to sew so she could make

clothing as birthday gifts for family and friends.


Carmina’s parents often took people in who needed shelter, feeding them and asking for nothing in return.

Carmina recalls coming home from school to spend long hours washing clothes by hand – including the clothes

of those who they were helping, so that her mother would not have to do it.  It was on those long days while doing

laundry that she would dream of living in another country, being successful and making enough to provide a better

life for her parents.


Carmina left Mexico in 1996, starting the journey to find her dream.  She moved to Canada in 1999 and started

her own family.  She decided to go back to school, considering a business degree until her husband suggested

fashion, knowing how much she loves it!  It wasn’t long after enrolling into Fashion Design

her dream was realized – to be a successful designer of a ready to wear line.


After graduating Carmina started her business working from home and within a year she had a list of regular

clients.  As her business grew, Carmina’s charisma, passion and eagerness brought her many mentors and

organizations who were eager to help her succeed.  Special thanks to Susan, Gloria, Lina and Lynn, the four women

who elevated Carmina as she launched her first ready to wear collection under the ‘Carmina de Young’ label in 2015.